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Welcome to Newest Softwares Blog

Welcome to Newest Softwares Blog
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Found Softwares Blog

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


WebLocker is an easy-to-use desktop application that will help you organize your website links, keep your login names and passwords safe and let you browse the Internet without leaving a trace of where you've been navigating.WebLocker takes over where your "Add To Favorites" folder leaves off, storing your web surfing information safely and securely by requiring a password each time it opens that only YOU know. When closing, WebLocker cleans up all Internet "dust": Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, Recent File shortcuts, History shortcuts and typed-in URLs from the Windows Registry. It also clears the Clipboard of any passwords it kept.WebLocker Websurfing Protector is a Windows XP Desktop application that replaces the functionality of 'My Favorites' list in your browser. In addition to storing just the links to your favorite websites, WebLocker lets you categorize them, add a description for each and store a user login name and password (if the website uses it) in a safe, password-protected file.With WebLocker, no one else using your computer can see what websites you visit, or read your login names or passwords. Each time you close WebLocker, WebLocker removes all traces of your web traffic by cleaning out URLS stored in the Registry, all cookies and temporary Internet files, in addition to the Recent Files and History folders in your personal directory. This keeps your web surfing completely confidential.If you still have your web login names and passwords written on sticky notes on your monitor, or keep them in a spreadsheet on your Desktop, moving them to WebLocker ensures that no one can access your secure sites if your computer is lost or stolen. Requirements:· 800Mhz+ processor· 512MB RAM Memory· CD-ROM (for installation)· 2MB Hard Drive space for installation· 1024 x 768 minimum video resolution· DOTNET 2.0 Framework (included on CD or can be downloaded from Microsoft)Limitations:· 15-days trial
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