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Welcome to Newest Softwares Blog
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Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Ruler for Windows 1.0.4

Editor's Review - A Ruler for Windows
3out of 5Good
This program is a free utility which allows you to measure any part of your desktop. You can use it to measure a window, a part of your desktop, or any other area of your screen. The only measurement unit that's supported is the pixel. When starting the program, a re-sizable brown ruler appears. You can move the ruler on the screen wherever you like. It's also possible to resize the ruler, making it either longer or shorter. There are a couple of small buttons on the corners of the ruler, which allow you to use the magnifier feature or to make it semi-transparent. The magnifier works by capturing a screenshot of your desktop. This screenshot is magnified, allowing you to measure any part of it. Another nice feature is the distance selector. You can click the tics which appear on a side of the ruler, in order to view the distance between the place where it begins and that point. Pluses: A Ruler supports changing its orientation. This means that you can turn your usual horizontal ruler into a vertical one, just by clicking a button. Drawbacks / flaws: In conclusion: Simple and easy to use, A Ruler can come in handy sometimes.
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