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Welcome to Newest Softwares Blog
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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Computing and Information Technology 9.2

Computing and Information Technology is an extremely useful Information Technology educational software intended for the use of hobbyists, engineers, students, and pretty much for anyone who'd like to know anything about computers and computing. This application is actually a comprehensive guide to computing: it consists of a series of articles with detailed schemes divided into three categories. The first category, 'Computing' contains topics related to hardware devices, data structures, data files, system development, binary numbers, data analysis, etc. The second category, 'Digital Techniques', contains topics related to logic gates, combinational logic, Boolean and DeMorgans theorems etc. The third category deals with microprocessors: here you can learn about micro-computers, memory addressing, instructions and control, addressing modes and so on. There's a search engine included in order to help get around the multitude of topics. Apart from articles, there are also a few program features very useful for practical training: an equation editor, a graph editor, a statistics editor and a logic syntax editor. Apart from these tools, there's also a VBScript interpreter which can introduce you to some basic programming. Pluses: Drawbacks / flaws: In conclusion: An excellent free learning tool, especially for beginners.
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