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Welcome to Newest Softwares Blog

Welcome to Newest Softwares Blog
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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Kaspersky Anti-Virus & Internet Security beta

Kaspersky Lab represents a new generation platform for creating applications specifically designated for complex protection of personal computers and workstations.
Build Scaning crash trying to parse HTTP related traffic23634 Outlook crashes if its closed while Anti-Spam settings window is open23843 Help: Need to give an example for config file updateapp.ini24172 Help: The section is missing "Protection Scope"24190 (VISTA) KLeaner is broken24257 CMD: modules do not update24258 Help: report file is not created. parameter: /R[A]:24277 Firefox exclusion rule is broken24314 fr: can't get to the correct help section from the window link24355 Time restriction counter resets after the restart24419 Incorrect verdict24421 Incorrect help chapter is called (Rootkit Scan)24468 GUI: The warning message about old signatures not updated after the update performed24620 GUI alignment and drawing bug24629 Impossible for IE to work if KIS contains proxy server configuration errors on a PC24649 Firewall: the application rule works incorrect if logging enabled24651 GUI: Holes appear when dialog windows are maximized24664 Can't change proxy settings when Parental Control enabled without password protection24670 Even though Anti-Spam bases not saved, the checkbox is still grayed out and checked24682 The proxy configuration credentials for authorization are not properly stored24684 Updater: The product will not update from the source ftp://megauser:@tl-srv-wnt:2124699 Time limit works incorrect in the parenal control {{Powered by Whizard Translator v1.0}}
Download :
Kaspersky Anti-Virus Beta

Download : Kaspersky Internet Security Beta

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