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Welcome to Newest Softwares Blog
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Saturday, May 19, 2007

ML TraySaver beta 10

You are probably familiar with the notification area or "system tray" on your taksbar that has little icons for programs running in the background. In Win9x, ME, and NT 4.0, this was a disaster. First, the tray showed every icon of every program that registered one, and it was not uncommon to see dozens of mostly useless little icons down there. Second, when Explorer crashed all those icons were lost, rendering the few useful ones unreachable.TraySaver alleviated these problems by letting you stash away unneeded tray icons in a hideable separate tray, and by restoring the icons after an Explorer crash. It also added an option to the system menu of any application that let you minimize it to the tray.TraySaver is nowadays obsolete under the modern versions of Windows, because the problems have mostly been addressed by Microsoft.ML TraySaver Download
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