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Welcome to Newest Softwares Blog

Welcome to Newest Softwares Blog
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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Input Director v1.0.6 BETA

Input Directory is an extremely simple remote control tool. It allows you to control multiple systems using one keyboard and one mouse. To be honest, I was expecting a program which would allow you to control a remote computer using your own monitor. Well, this program is different. It allows you to control multiple workstations as long as their monitors are in your visual field, for you need to look at the remote computer's monitor. This means that you can use this program to control only computers which are in the same room. At first, I was dazed a little bit about this program, but after some practice I found out that it's really nice to use. If you are in an busy working environment and you need to use two or more different workstations which are close to you, all you need to move the mouse towards the side of the screen closest to that workstation and the cursor will disappear from your screen and re-appear on the slave workstation's screen. Of course, you can select a hot-key combination in order to do that. You can select several computers to act as Master computers, and you can set a computer to be either Master or Slave. Installing and configuring the program may seem a bit complicated, so I advise you to carefully read the 'QuickStart' guide. Using the program is a walk in the park. Pluses: You can also share the clipboard (on shared partitions or folders), which means that you can quickly copy data from a workstation to another. Drawbacks / flaws: In order to establish a connection with a slave computer, you need to enter it's name; entering the IP address won't work. In conclusion: A limited, yet simple and handy solution for remote control as oposed to the payed remote control programs. I believe that it will get even better with the next releases.

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